Communicate & Negotiate

Transcultural Communication

“How to Communicate and Work with Colleagues and Bosses from Different Cultures” Aim: Provide participants with better understanding about dimensions in which various cultures differ and help them comprehend... More

Media and Crisis Communication

Aim: Achieving a convincing, professional media and crisis communication that helps to solve the crisis while maintaining a positive image of the company. Course includes other specialists, an experienced... More

Implementing Change

Aim: Handling change as it progresses, from preparing the project till implementation, with emphasis on planning, efficient communication methods and overcoming instinctive resistance. Course Topics: Characteristics of change Motivating... More

Presentation And Persuasion

Aim: Self-experience training of key presentation features, incl. nonverbal communication, with emphasis on intelligibility and structure of imparted information and on learning efficient ways to get attention of the... More

Conflict Management And Negotiation

Aim: Introducing a broad selection of solutions, techniques and advice which help to better handle stressful situations and improve work satisfaction, training specific negotiation techniques. Course Topics: Setting up... More

Communicating Over the Phone

Aim: Developing communication skills, handling stressful situations while on the phone. Course Topics: Stages of a telephone call Specifics of a telephone call Preparing a handy phone call script... More

Communication And Cooperation in a Team

Aim: Enhancing team cooperation, familiarization with systems facilitating efficient communication, handling difficult social situations. Course Topics: Forms of communication Communication at different levels of hierarchy Identification of difficult communication... More