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Who is the Right One?

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    Finding out strengths of each and every employee and using them to help your company – we know how to do it.


Team Motivation

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    We know how to make employees engaged in the company, feel good at work and want to work at full speed.


Which Way to Go?

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    We can diagnose your company to find out in which ways you can develop, what your team needs to learn to better fulfill your goals.


Need Training?

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    Our courses are fine-tuned to fit your needs, taking into account your long-term goals.

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  • Services

    More Than Coaching

    Individual development of managers using applied psychology methods, coaching, training and dialogue We are offering a diagnostic programme that thoroughly maps the your competences and via self-discovery identifies goals you... More

    Twinning for Sales Personnel

    Twinning will help you improve self-presentation, communication as well as your ability to convince a client. It is popular especially among sales personnel but it can be useful for managers... More

    Development Centres

    A Development Centre is a diagnostic and development method focused on so-called soft skills – social and communicative abilities and managerial competences. It identifies strengths and development areas of employees.... More

    Circular Team Intervention

    Do You feel that Your team performance is bogged down by bad feelings? Have You noticed conflicts over little things? Are Your people irritated? Has there been a conflict in... More

    Employee Engagement

    How to use satisfaction, happiness and motivation to achieve more “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be .” – Abraham Lincoln “Your company... More

  • News

    Going to Slovakia

    This update was written on a train en route to Slovakia – we were asked to do sales managers diagnostics for a client from Zvolen in Central Slovakia. No matter the distance, targeted education based on identifying current needs works everywhere.

    Hanka As a Lector

    Hana Kyrianová mostly provides support to our clients in individual consultations, only rarely as a lector. This rare situation has just occurred – she has led a course on handling demanding customers for a complaints & returns department. All participants were greatly satisfied with it and its effects shall soon be noticeable to all their customers, not just the demanding ones.

    Want to Make Your Team Work?

    Cold atmosphere at first, optimism and common effort at the end – this was how our Circular Team Intervention looked like in one Prague organisation. We are treating teams to help people work more efficiently and feel better together.

    Our colleague among the Jungians

    Honza Gruber has just started an 8-year training based on the teaching of Carl Gustav Jung (Interview 1959) – the programme includes lectures and analyses under supervision, it is focused on analytical therapy and personal growth. Honza is planning to prepare programes and individual consultations for you using Jungian psychology.

    Can You Handle the Obnoxious?

    Has it ever happened to you that your contact sent you an e-mail which made you go mad? You won't get one from our clients. We are training customer approach and efficient settlement of complaints to make sure their customers are as happy as they can be.