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Who is the Right One?

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    Finding out strengths of each and every employee and using them to help your company – we know how to do it.


Team Motivation

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    We know how to make employees engaged in the company, feel good at work and want to work at full speed.


Which Way to Go?

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    We can diagnose your company to find out in which ways you can develop, what your team needs to learn to better fulfill your goals.


Need Training?

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    Our courses are fine-tuned to fit your needs, taking into account your long-term goals.

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    Twinning for Sales Personnel

    Twinning will help you improve self-presentation, communication as well as your ability to convince a client. It is especially popular among sales personnel but it can be useful for managers... More

    Development Centres

    A Development Centre is a diagnostic and development method focused on so-called soft skills – social and communicative abilities and managerial competences. It identifies strengths and development areas of employees.... More

    Circular Team Intervention

    Do You feel that Your team performance is bogged down by bad feelings? Have You noticed conflicts over little things? Are Your people irritated? Has there been a conflict in... More

    Employee engagement

    How to use satisfaction, happiness and motivation to achieve more “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be .” – Abraham Lincoln “Your company... More

  • News

    A Successful Customer Centre Course

    Have you laughed at the ad where Martha Issová plays a call centre operator? Real operator work is less funny and more demanding. They have to handle worse challenges. Working with recordings, analysing interviews with demanding clients and handling emotions on both sides… and many other topics were covered at a successful course for a Customer Centre last week.

    Will You Be Agile Too?

    Some are looking forward to it, others fear it. Regardless of your attitude agility is in and many companies have chosen this way. If you want to get ready and rise up to new challenges and methods needed to implement agility, visit our courses or read our article (in Czech).

    More Than (Just) Three Musketeers

    We would like to thank Slovak sales managers for a pleasant atmosphere during their three-day course. This link (in Czech) goes to an article about the Three Musketeers who were so popular at the course, written by our colleague Honza Gruber.

    Do You Know How to Make Your Employees Productive, Happy and Loyal? We Do!

    A happy employee may not be a productive one. Improving employee stability requires the right approach. We are utilising the most advanced methods that we have just applied on a higher and top management of a certain multinational. We presented our Employee Engagement output in the form of specific measures and action plans – both for the whole company and for various departments. The successful programme was crowned by an attractive teambuilding which included producing short films and awarding company Oscars.

    Are you interested in our views on current HR topics?

    Two decades of experience place us among the leaders in the field. Media have been asking us for years about our views on current “hot” topics in Human Resources. This time, the Hospodářské noviny asked about outplacement and its readers received practical advice from our consultant Hana Kyrianová (article in Czech).