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Unlocking Your Creative Subconscious

Our mind is in no way limited to what we are aware of and what we can wittingly influence. Our behaviour, our body and our abilities are run by systems not accessible to our consciousness – but they can give us motivation, composure and inner... More

24. 10. 2018

Dealing With Emotions At Work

Did it ever happen to you that inappropriate venting of emotions complicated your carreer? Do your feelings get in the way when dealing with a customer, an internal client, a colleage in a team, a subordinate or your boss? Would you like to learn how... More

12. 3. 2019


Working with Enlightened CEOs

With a CEO of a major public institution we are setting up individual coaching programmes  for its management as a follow-up to diagnostic programmes and individual consultations.we believe that a tailor-made development based on diagnostics and individual approach is the best way to go. If you want to know more, read this article (Czech only).

Facing Change? Let’s Face It Together

At a large construction company, we have long been supporting a project aiming at accepting and promoting change – this time we have coached ambassadors who promote change. Efficient communication , persuasive talent and team work are very helpful skills when a company finds itself in interesting times.

Busy Even In the Summer

In June we were testing management of an organisation, helping it find out in which areas its employees need to improve and train. We again demonstrated the importance of personal contact with employees and personal feedback during any kind of diagnostics. When the testing was over, we asked everyone what could be done to make their work flow as smoothly as possible.

A Successful Customer Centre Course

Have you laughed at the ad where Martha Issová plays a call centre operator? Real operator work is less funny and more demanding. They have to handle worse challenges. Working with recordings, analysing interviews with demanding clients and handling emotions on both sides… and many other topics were covered at a successful course for a Customer Centre last week.

Will You Be Agile Too?

Some are looking forward to it, others fear it. Regardless of your attitude agility is in and many companies have chosen this way. If you want to get ready and rise up to new challenges and methods needed to implement agility, visit our courses or read our article (in Czech).

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