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Thanks to 20+ years of experience in work psychology we provide field-tested ideas as well as new diagnostic trends

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Developing Skills

Our courses are tailor-made to teach your employees fully utilise their unique talents and skills that everyone possesses

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We will help you improve efficient cooperation and trust in your team; provide quality feedback and its subsequent utilisation.

We Motivate


Unusual and unexpected details from Prague architecture? …

... Mr. Dostál talking about aurochs and wild horse reserves (Česká krajina)? Musical intermezzo of our consultant Patrik, a student of jazz? Our clients could experience all that at the opening of a new Petr Vápeník mini-exhibition in our premises. When you come for a consultation, you can have a look.

Diagnostics after selection?

Why do we need to know an employee's qualities after hiring? E.g. because such information will improve communication between the new hire and her/his superior, boost motivation and make onboarding easier. Follow-up development consultations will help with acquiring key skills and support adaptation to the new position. All in all it is an excellent idea and our clients use it regularly.

Who needs to develop and where?

Who needs to develop and where? That is a key question for everyone concerned - employees themselves, their managers, professionals organising training and those carrying it out. It concerns the CEO as well – as someone responsible for the overall company vision – and the CFO who will be funding it. We focus on making the communication and the resulting project run to the satisfaction of everyone concerned. Just like our projects right now.

Being a consultant…

... does not mean you no longer need to grow. Our consultants are attending long-term education programmes focused on interventions using psychodynamic, Jungian as well as systemic approach. We educate ourselves to be even more efficient.

We are helping individual clients grow

We are currently working for companies active in heavy engineering, construction and pharmacy, helping individual clients among their management. With our consultants' assistance they are finding new ways to achieve their goals, develop their skills or simply “get it right.”

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