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žirafa v zoo

HR in a ZOO

Human and animal behaviour have a lot more in common than You would expect. Come with us to the ZOO and You will perceive people at the workplace differently. You will understand their actions and behaviour like never before. More

24. 9. 2019

Unlocking Your Creative Subconscious

Our mind is in no way limited to what we are aware of and what we can wittingly influence. Our behaviour, our body and our abilities are run by systems not accessible to our consciousness – but they can give us motivation, composure and inner... More



Clients show interest in Job Effectiveness

While last year our clients demanded mostly managerial communication skills courses, this year interest grows in courses for employees – to help them handle difficult situations, learn useful tips and tricks to manage their time, find motivation and generally feel better at their work. We have always placed great emphasis on this topic and we are glad we can offer these development programmes.

We cure teams

We have just carried out CTI - circular team intervention for a wage accounting department of a major state institution. CTI helps people in a team better work together, smooth out differences and clear out the air. We are happy to see employees work more efficiently and feel better at work thanks to our cooperation.

We are socially responsible

For ten years in a row we have been cooperating free of charge with the low-threshold club Beztíže in selecting its employees. They help young people find a meaningful way to spend their free time. Thanks not only to our Assessment Centres, the club employees have significantly lower turnover than in similar organisations.

African cats in the conference room

In March, the premises of Tres consulting hosted an exhibition of wildlife photographs by Alena Knoblochová which you can also see at Our conference room is now full of still-life lions and cheetahs, a giraffe here and there. The exibition was launched by the hypnotic sound of Standa Vít's drums. A portion of proceeds will go to the charity Tety v akci which cares about Czech predators – dogs and cats.

Diagnostics + Consultation

When you base support for your managers on the use of diagnostic methods, it speeds up the process – everyone knows what needs to be improved, you know the right topics, the client may include portions of their own practical experience as needed… This is exactly the kind of programme we are currently carrying out for managers of a certain state office.

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