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Our courses are tailor-made to teach your employees fully utilise their unique talents and skills that everyone possesses

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We will help you improve efficient cooperation and trust in your team; provide quality feedback and its subsequent utilisation.

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Unfortunately, after the coronavirus crisis outplacement is becoming a buzzword once again. We stand ready to assist anyone who will be made redundant, to discuss their career choices and advise how to find a new job. We can also train your managers in the ways of sensitive communication and mental hygiene techniques in these hard times. Click on the video (Czech only) or call us right away.

Change management

Is your team facing a change? You can watch our topical video (Czech only)  and give us a call.

Working From Home – What Works And What to Watch For

Another hot topic is home office. We have already covered it last year, now Honza Gruber is answering questions of an HR manager Dita Maternová - here (Czech only).

Hot Topic: Remote Communication

These days many of us are wondering how to replace personal contact with remote communication at various courses and consultations. Hanka Kyrianová spoke about the topic with two people who have been doing videoconferences for many years. You can read more about it here (Czech only).

Away with Ineffective Meetings!

A management was meeting with their boss over a contentious issue. They invited us to improve atmosphere, increase motivation, facilitate an agreement and help them find a good decision. Why aren't your meeting effective? Do you know what would help?

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