Good at Selecting People

Thanks to 20+ years of experience in work psychology we provide field-tested ideas as well as new diagnostic trends

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Developing Skills

Our courses are tailor-made to teach your employees fully utilise their unique talents and skills that everyone possesses

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We will help you improve efficient cooperation and trust in your team; provide quality feedback and its subsequent utilisation.

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Worried About Covid?

Are your employees afraid to come to work because of Covid-19? We offer psychological support, help them handle worries brought on by the time out of joint.

Both the manager and the team…

... are performing well, everything works fine – and yet they all feel as if all they had was empty routine, nothing ever happened… We can support inner motivation of a whole IT team and make sure everyone finds a new meaning in their work.

Individual Psychodiagnostics

Our favorite client would not sign up a manager who did not pass through our diagnostic programme. It tells him at the very beginning what to expect from the candidate and helps avoid surprises in the future. He can count on our assessment and build upon it.

How to Survive Waiting

Today, all companies are waiting – nobody knows how the pandemic will affect their business, what adjustments will be needed, what their parent company may decide and how it will influence its daughter in Czechia. We are organising a workshop in the cozy atmosphere of the Saint Clara Vineyard in Prague, where HR professionals may share best practices for these trying times and find inspiration for the right ways of waiting and acting at the right time.

When You Say a Psychologist…

For most of us, the idea of a psychologist is firmly linked with the image of an individual session where clients share their troubles and work on their issues. It turned out that we, as consultants with psychological training, have been working in the very same way recently – and our clients love it, feel we are useful… Come try it too!

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