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Our courses are tailor-made to teach your employees fully utilise their unique talents and skills that everyone possesses

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We will help you improve efficient cooperation and trust in your team; provide quality feedback and its subsequent utilisation.

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Handling Problematic Personalities

Do you ever get the feeling some people are just impossible to please? Communication is not working? Every conversation is full of emotion, anxiety, aggression and/or suspicion? Then come and we will help you to better handle communication with difficult and demanding colleagues. More

15. 5. 2019
žirafa v zoo

HR in a ZOO

Human and animal behaviour have a lot more in common than You would expect. Come with us to the ZOO and You will perceive people at the workplace differently. You will understand their actions and behaviour like never before. More

15. 5. 2019


Diagnostics + Consultation

When you base support for your managers on the use of diagnostic methods, it speeds up the process – everyone knows what needs to be improved, you know the right topics, the client may include portions of their own practical experience as needed… This is exactly the kind of programme we are currently carrying out for managers of a certain state office.

How to Choose: AC Methodology for Trainees?

If your company has a trainee programme, you want to pick the best ones – capable, flexible people, unbiased, willing to develop and looking to the future. We are currently developing a programme for a major client that will help pick the best of the best.

We Teach

Alexandra Fonville teaches a new course at the Psychology Department of the Philosophical Faculty of the Charles University, Jan Gruber again teaches at the Andragogy Department and Hana Kyrianová teaches Everyday Psychology course, both at the same Faculty. We are also active at the Law Faculty of the Charles University, at the University of Applied Psychology, at MBA courses and elsewhere. We believe that it is beneficial for all parties to connect practical skills and experience in developing employees with academic learning.

Diagnostics for Top Management

In the past week we have been assessing candidates for top management positions. When this is the case, we use a day-long individual programme which tells us nearly everything about the candidates in question. Even though they spent all morning and afternoon doing the tests, they were full of good humour till the very end, seeing it as a useful development activity topped up with a personal feedback.

Going to Slovakia

This update was written on a train en route to Slovakia – we were asked to do sales managers diagnostics for a client from Zvolen in Central Slovakia. No matter the distance, targeted education based on identifying current needs works everywhere.

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