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We will help you improve efficient cooperation and trust in your team; provide quality feedback and its subsequent utilisation.

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strategicka motivace zamestnancu hr

How To Strategically Motivate Employees

People are different. There is no universal approach to everyone. Want to know what makes your people tick, find out their motivational preferences? We will acquaint You with evaluation tools that enable You to effectively direct their performance. You can learn how to make job... More

20. 11. 2019

Make Your Work Enjoyable

Every manager knows that employee motivation influences company results and success. How can you help motivate your employees without standing behind their back 24/7?  Show them a route to SELF-motivation, help them take up responsibility for their happiness and success in their own hands! Course... More

27. 11. 2019


Choosing the Right One?

In the current situation at the job market it is more important than ever to choose a good new employee. We are diagnosing potential candidates for our clients in sales, automotive as well as the advocacy. We are also training HR specialists and managers to make the best choice themselves.

How Are You Managing with Including the Milennials?

They make an oft-discussed group of candidates. Some say they are just like everyone else, others claim they are focused on their own needs and do not care about their employer. Hanka was helping managers in the automotive sector work out how to approach their selection and adaptation.

How Do You Handle Job Rotation and High Potentials Projects?

Hanka was in charge of a workshop for a multinational's top management, focusing on why and how to introduce Job Rotation and High Potentials projects. She was using design thinking and strategic planning techniques which helped the participants start them and plan further steps.

Clients show interest in Job Effectiveness

While last year our clients demanded mostly managerial communication skills courses, this year interest grows in courses for employees – to help them handle difficult situations, learn useful tips and tricks to manage their time, find motivation and generally feel better at their work. We have always placed great emphasis on this topic and we are glad we can offer these development programmes.

We cure teams

We have just carried out CTI - circular team intervention for a wage accounting department of a major state institution. CTI helps people in a team better work together, smooth out differences and clear out the air. We are happy to see employees work more efficiently and feel better at work thanks to our cooperation.

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