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Thanks to 20+ years of experience in work psychology we provide field-tested ideas as well as new diagnostic trends

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Developing Skills

Our courses are tailor-made to teach your employees fully utilise their unique talents and skills that everyone possesses

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We will help you improve efficient cooperation and trust in your team; provide quality feedback and its subsequent utilisation.

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Development Centres on the Rise Again

Do you feel Development Centres have disappeared during the covid era? But now they are back again. There is nothing better than having the participants test out what they are good at and what they should work on before sending them to improve only where it is needed. This route is cheaper and motivates participants towards self-improvement. That is why this product is again in demand.

Česká krajina (Czech Landscape)

We decided to sponsor the Česká krajina (Czech Landscape) nonprofit organisation. Do you know them? We did not know they have reintroduced bisons, aurochs and wild horses in the Milovice region? Where these animals graze, new insects and rare flowers appear. Their project deserves our support and it is getting it.

We are consulting everywhere

Some clients come to us, we come to others and some are meeting us virtually. We are currently working with clients from Moravia, Slovakia, Western Bohemia. Some find online life and work enjoyable and welcome time savings, others prefer meeting us in person. You can meet our psychologist in a pleasant room, in your boardroom or you can have a “virtual” psychologist in your computer. Are you thinking about it?

Change is a trend

We can make sure it will be as effective and as little painful as possible. We are carrying out a series of workshops for production companies focused on managing change, communicating change and coming to terms with change – especially when it comes from high up the corporate ladder.

Even in the covid era…

... candidates are being selected and posts are being filled. We assisted with the selection of middle and regional managers for sales companies. We can make your candidates show what they know and what they can learn.

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