What we offer


More Than Coaching

Individual development of managers using applied psychology methods, coaching, training and dialogue We are offering a diagnostic programme that thoroughly maps the your competences and via self-discovery identifies goals... More


Post-selection Diagnostics

Have you hired new employees who fit your qualification criteria? That means it is high time for you to find out how to work with them and fully utilise their potential.... More

Twinning for Sales Personnel

Twinning will help you improve self-presentation, communication as well as your ability to convince a client. It is popular especially among sales personnel but it can be useful for... More


8-5-3 Premium Pro

A complex development programme focused on detailed diagnostics of education needs using a Development Centre, tailor-made courses and support for putting what you learned into practice. You can find... More


Outplacement is a service offered to laid-off employees to encourage them, provide them with up-to-date information about the job market and improve their chances of finding a new job.... More

Time management

Aim: Increasing efficiency at work and endurance through better planning and pro-active approach, with regard to personal aims and individual performance curve. Course Topics: Analysis of actions (priorities, timing,... More

Handling Stress and Mental Hygiene

Aim: Training specific relaxation techniques which positively influence one’s subconscious and body, with emphasis on resistance against stress and stage fright, developing mental well-being and prevention of burnout syndrome.... More

Development Centres

A Development Centre is a diagnostic and development method focused on so-called soft skills – social and communicative abilities and managerial competences. It identifies strengths and development areas of... More

360-degree Feedback

360-degree feedback is a system by which a person receives anonymous feedback from superiors, subordinates, peers, clients etc. Aims, methods and form of a 360-degree feedback are determined in... More

Mystery Shopping, Mystery Calling

Mystery shopping / mystery calling is survey which provides information about quality of services provided by Your company, using surveyors in fictitious roles (customer, job applicant etc.) Mystery shopping... More