Media and Crisis Communication

Aim: Achieving a convincing, professional media and crisis communication that helps to solve the crisis while maintaining a positive image of the company.

Course includes other specialists, an experienced media consultant (TV editor, script writer) as well as an experienced cameraman.

Course Topics (will be narrowed down depending on the needs of the client):

  • Creating a positive image in the media
  • Nonverbal signals, nonverbal communication
  • Key principles of media communication (handling information, preparing internal sources, analysing the media company and the journalist involved beforehand and adjusting preparation accordingly)
  • Journalist tricks during an interview and afterwards (how to answer to minimize the risk of manipulation in editing)
  • Handling a journalist’s unpleasant and negative questions
  • Contact with an investigative journalist
  • Specifics of communication in given media (TV appearance, telephone interview, live vs. recorded speech)
  • Press conferences
  • Crisis communication (chief principles, theory of risk perception, principle of negative dominance theory)