Kate had worked in a company which had numerous branches throughout the country. One day she learned that the branch in her town would close down. The company valued her work and she was offered work at another branch. Kate kept hesitating, weighing the risks. Eventually she decided to move.

She did not fit in the new branch like in the old one. Interpersonal relations were different here and new colleagues did not accept her. When layoffs reached the new branch, she was the first to go.

Kate was embittered. The company demanded a small sacrifice in exchange for a job. She gave it and yet the promise was broken. Was it the company’s fault? There was nothing they could have done better. None can guarantee that you fit in, that it will not happen again. All they can do is give a chance.

Still, Kate lost her job and felt cheated. She did not do anything overtly wrong either. She may have tried to change to fit in better. But changing one’s behaviour is no small feat.

It took two consultations before Kate let the past go. During the first one, she realised that in kindling anger against former employer she was mainly hurting herself. This let her turn to the future. At the second consultation she updated her CV, decided where to send it and how to act at a job interview. Afterwards she found a new job.

  • Outplacement is a service offered to laid-off employees to encourage them, provide them with up-to-date information about the job market and improve their chances of finding a new job. Outplacement may also be aimed at management – to make layoffs as smooth and painless as possible.
  • Outplacement support may also include self-experience training of managers, aimed at giving notices and handling difficulties, or individual training of termination interview.
  • Within outplacement, we offer group seminars for laid-off employees looking for a new job. We also offer individual consultations on topics not suitable for a group, should the client require it, or for employees who live farther away.
  • Outplacement may also include training for a job interview for laid-off employees.
  • We also offer psychologist support in the form of crisis intervention (available also on the phone), counselling etc.
  • Within outplacement, we may also prepare a leaflet for laid-off employees, with practical advice on personal and legal matters, mental hygiene, CV composition, ways of finding a new job, actions before, during and after a job interview etc.

Previous Experience

  • We have repeatedly provided complex outplacement support (training management in giving notices both „one on one“ and informing a team, helping management with mental hygiene and to cope with stress from layoffs, presenting outplacement services to laid-off employees, running group and individual outplacement seminars, preparing leaflets, repeated consultations as needed).
  • We have run outplacement seminars and consultations for blue- and white-collar employees as well as for management.
  • We have helped management with laying off part of the workforce and also with closing down the entire company.
  • We have handled difficult topics during outplacement consultations (incl. risk of self-mutilation, suicidal tendencies etc.)
  • Our outplacement seminars can cover the entire spectrum – personal, legal, mental hygiene, practical advice and training aimed at looking for a job.
  • We publish articles about outplacement.