Twinning for Sales Personnel

Twinning will help you improve self-presentation, communication as well as your ability to convince a client. It is popular especially among sales personnel but it can be useful for managers too.

How Does Twinning Works?

Our coach will be present at your business meeting with you, observing both your behaviour and your partner’s reactions. Afterward you will receive a qualified feedback, advising you what needs to be improved, where to focus your efforts and what  to tune down. The experienced coach may then participate at more of your business meetings while you will be trying to implement recommendations. This way you can quickly find out how your meetings have improved.

Is Twinning Good for You?

Have you attended many group courses before and are sceptical you could learn anything new? And yet you want to further improve? Experienced salespeople often ask for our twinning to get new valuable pointers.

Do you have a specific problem you want to get rid of and do not want to speak about it at a group course? Twinning will provide professional feedback, telling you whether your problem is indeed substantiated – and if so, we will tell you how to eliminate or even learn to use it to your advantage.


Twinning is also often used by superiors who are aware a member of their team has a weakness. Twinning will help them eliminate it without having to speak about the issue in front of the team.

Seminar Aims

– dismantling your bad habits
– finetuning your strengths
– learning how to eliminate your weaknesses
– finding out how others perceive you