Circular Team Intervention

  • Do You feel that Your team performance is bogged down by bad feelings?
  • Have You noticed conflicts over little things? Are Your people irritated?
  • Has there been a conflict in the team that hasn’t been solved and keeps poisoning atmosphere?
  • Is team work hampered by one of its members, who is nevertheless a good or even indispensable worker?

Impaired relations in a team may impair employees’ stability, health, as well as performance and approach to clients. We can change that. What can You expect from us?

  • We use qualitative and individual approach, no off-the-shelf questionnaires and solutions.
  • We work with a real problem, not rulebooks and theories.
  • We hear out every involved party without bias.
  • We provide sensitive feedback for every team member, use psychological tools and guidance to help them improve their attitude and communication within the team.
  • We inform the team which changes in a member’s behaviour would be appreciated by the team.
  • We encourage the notion that there are better relations in the team than previously believed.

This brand new method has been developed by our specialists, based on previous extensive experience with the established method of 360° Feedback. Specific problems with relations in the teams of our clients have led us to modify it and eventually develop the Circular Team Intervention.

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