For Leaders


How To Strategically Motivate Employees

People are different. There is no universal approach to everyone. Want to know what makes your people tick, find out their motivational preferences? We will acquaint You with evaluation... More

Conducting an Efficient Meeting

Aim: Learning to prepare and conduct meetings which will improve team cooperation, set clear framework and commit participants to their contents and goals. Course Topics: Types of meetings Preparation... More

Conducting a Job Interview for Managers

Aim: Improving the efficiency of employee selection by tweaking the interview process, and learning interview techniques which help obtain and correctly analyse candidate information. Course Topics: Preselection of candidates... More

Regular Assessment of Subordinates

Aim: Familiarization with regular assessment process, learning efficient communication techniques for giving feedback, which minimise instinctive defensive reactions of the assessed and maximise behaviour improvement. Course Topics: Principles of... More

Coaching Subordinates

Aim: Learning coaching as a managerial style, training specific techniques and their practical use with regard to developing subordinates. Course Topics: Leadership styles Coaching as a leadership method Advantages... More

Leading And Motivating Subordinates

Aim: Acquiring complex managerial tools to lead and motivate subordinates, with regard to introspection and self-experience training. Course Topics: Leadership styles Crisis management Delegating tasks Supporting a subordinate in... More



Feedback originally meant “that weird squeal you hear when putting together a microphone and a loudspeaker.“ In social context it means “I will tell you what you did wrong,... More