For Personalists & Lectors

Lector Skills

Aim: Acquiring up-to-date methods and principles of applied social psychology, work psychology and personality psychology as relevant for lectors. Course Topics: Methods of learning (incl. interactive methods) Coaching as... More

Training Assessors for AC/DC

Aim: Acquiring the role of an AC/DC assessor (moderator, sparring partner, observer), learning to catch and assess relevant information and to avoid most common assessor mistakes. Course Topics: Assessment... More

Conducting a Job Interview for Personalists

Aim: Improving efficiency of recruiting new employees by tweaking the interview process, and learning interview techniques which help obtain and correctly analyse candidate information. Course Topics: Recruitment and its... More


HR in a ZOO

Human and animal behaviour have a lot more in common than You would expect. Come with us to the ZOO and You will perceive people at the workplace differently.... More