Tailor-made Sociological Surveys

  • A sociological survey is used to find out attitudes and opinions of a given social group. It may be aimed at Your employees, customers or any other group which interests You.
  • We can design and carry out the entire project for You or any of its parts (methodology and preparation, data collection, analysis, evaluation).
  • A company survey may be used e.g. when planning strategic changes – it will tell You how Your employees will feel about them.
  • Your employees may offer valuable feedback on issues within the company and help solve them. A well-managed output of such survey improves motivation and team spirit.

Previous Experience

  • We have surveyed quality of employee selection process for a given position (trainee).
  • We have designed a survey mapping attitudes of the public towards biofuel stations for a non-profit organisation.
  • When carrying out a survey we use both qualitative and quantitative methods as needed.
  • We employ expert methodologists and statisticians.