Coping With Stress And Prevention of Burnout Syndrome for Doctors And Health Care Workers

Aim: To acknowledge one’s stress, degree of burnout. To learn specific relaxation techniques used to positively influence one’s body and subconscious, esp. handling stage fright, relieving stress, finding inner peace and positive attitude. To prevent burnout.


  • Training relaxation skills and the ability to control one’s stress, may include regulation of certain mental functions.
  • Finding individual approach to handling stress.
  • Training in specific relaxation techniques (autogenic training, progressive relaxation, self-hypnosis etc.)
  • Introduction of various techniques, actions and methods which help cope with stress and thus improve professional satisfaction and quality of life.
  • Faster regeneration.
  • Diagnostics of burnout syndrome – professional, somatic, emotional and/or social.
  • Help with burnout prevention.