Assessment Centres

In a Story

Jane has been working in a company for two years and still at a starter position. She feels she is capable of more. She notices plenty of mistakes being made which she do away with but her superior fails to see it.

She decides to go to the CEO. She speaks about her ambitions, explains her plans and desire for change. The CEO likes it and since another senior position has been made vacant, he orders Mary, Jane’s superior, to transfer Jane there.

Mary can see Jane’s aspirations but she is wary of her drive for power. While she is not against Jane’s promotion, she would like to know for certain that Jane is a good candidate, the best one for the given position.

In the end she opts to select the replacement via an Assessment Centre. Jane is invited and so are other people Mary was considering for the position. And the CEO would oversee the process to see for himself.

The Assessment Centre confirms Mary’s fears. Jane is bright and capable, but also power-hungry which neither Mary nor the CEO like. Another colleague is chosen, less ambitious and more sensitive to the needs of their subordinates. Thanks to the AC output Mary easily convinces the CEO as well.

  • An Assessment Centre is a diagnostic method used to assess key competences of candidates for a future position (e.g. managerial potential, social skills, sales skills etc.).
  • During an Assessment Centre several candidates are assessed together by several assessors.
  • Selection criteria and Assessment Centre programme are tailored to the needs of the client.
  • The client is often present at the Assessment Centre. You can see the candidates „live“ and learn about their skills more than during an interview.
  • All our Assessment Centres are carried out and supervised by a psychologist with many years of experience.
  • Should You have unusual demands for an Assessment Centre, our highly qualified team of methodologists, statisticians and diagnosticians will design and test an entirely new method for You.
  • Assessment Centres are largely focused on external candidates.
  • Feedback for all candidates is an integral part of our Assessment Centres – Your personalists need not explain anything to the candidates. This will improve Your reputation among the candidates who appreciate such a move.

Previous Experience

  • We have been setting up Assessment Centres for many years, for financial institutions, insurance, manufacturing and service companies, non-profit organisations.
  • We support non-profit organisations – organising Assessment Centres, courses, psychodiagnostics and coaching.
  • We have run Assessment Centres for companies with dozens as well as thousands of employees.
  • We have experience with Assessment Centres based on various criteria, for specialists, sales personnel, management (lower, middle, upper) and trainee projects.
  • We have learned from mistakes often made by our competition, which lead to wrong conclusions from Assessment Centres – we work with good, experienced and qualified assessors (often with a Ph.D. and over 15 years of experience); we supplement our methods with projective diagnostics, which is not influenced by the self-stylization of the candidate; and finally – we use methods proven to work in Czech environment.
  • We supervise the establishment of internal Assessment Centres and train internal assessors for them.
  • We have published two books and a number of articles on Assessment Centres.