• Teambuilding helps work teams in several ways: teaches them more efficient cooperation, improves trust and the feeling of belonging. It combines learning with emotional experience and helps participants learn more about themselves as well as others.
  • Teambuilding shows the team what weaknesses they have (e.g. strategic, communication, process weaknesses) and helps find ways to overcome them.
  • Depending on the overall aim, teambuilding makes it possible to combine several methods of working with a group: experience method, team coaching, training, team discussion, outdoor activity, lecture, creative techniques, workshop and many others.

Previous Experience

  • We have carried out teambuilding for sales and services, health care and education companies.
  • We have carried out teambuilding with various aims and settings, e.g. better bonding a team and improving company communication; distributing tasks and responsibilities when managing processes; improving cooperation between company departments; or improving customer focus.
  • For a health care client, we have carried out a development programme combining training, teambuilding and outdoor activities.