Quality teambuilding

Our health centres have cooperated with Tres consulting s.r.o. on a number of programmes: teambuilding, managerial essentials courses, project management or communication skills courses for our receptionists. We have also cooperated on implementing a new assessment system and Tres lectors have trained our management in assessment interviews. Our employees participating in the programmes have always been highly satisfied. They have greatly appreciated skills, experience and expert knowledge of the lectors. We have been able to integrate plenty of their experience and findings into our everyday work. Equally importantly, Tres has also provided written output including feedback and recommendations after every course both for the participants and the company itself.

Mgr. et Mgr. Jana Týkalová, director of CKP (Health Care Centre) Roseta and CKP Dobřichovice and Mgr. Jitka Holubcová, director of CKP Sámova