Qualitative Diagnostics in HR

Jan Gruber, Hana Kyrianová, Alexandra Fonville
Grada 2016

This book will explain in layman’s terms various methods used to find out and estimate people’s talents (e.g.how to tell if one is a born salesperson) and how to use these methods to get reliable results. You can learn about assessor skills, including why they often run “contrary to reason” and what to do about it. You will find out  how to avoid mistakes when assessing others, how to use your own convictions, attitudes, even prejudices to serve a reliable, convincing assessment of human nature.


You will get to know-

-what goes on during feedback and how it influences further personal growth

-how selection of specific employees influences atmosphere and performance of a team

-how using advanced HR methods (Assessment Centre, Development Centre, individual psychodiagnostics) influences reputation of HR in the company


Even students, namely economic, managerial and/or psychological majors will appreciate a deeper look at the issues of assessing employees.

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