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30. 5. 2018

Do You Know How to Make Your Employees Productive, Happy and Loyal? We Do!

A happy employee may not be a productive one. Improving employee stability requires the right approach. We are utilising the most advanced methods that we have just applied on a higher and top management of a certain multinational. We presented our *Employee Engagement* output in the form of specific measures and action plans – both for the whole company and for various departments. The successful programme was crowned by an attractive teambuilding which included producing short films and awarding company Oscars.

10. 5. 2018

Are you interested in our views on current HR topics?

Two decades of experience place us among the leaders in the field. Media
have been asking us for years about our views on current “hot” topics in Human Resources. This time, the Hospodářské noviny asked about outplacement and its readers received practical advice from our consultant Hana Kyrianová (article in Czech).

1. 5. 2018

Data Privacy

In accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation we have
prepared our new Data Protection Code.

13. 4. 2018

You Can Teach Sales Skills to Non-Salespersons Too

Does your team include people that communicate with clients but haven’t
tried selling your products yet? Think bout their potential. They can easily
improve your profits. If you haven’t tried to merge communication and sales
yet, you are giving up an advantage that your competition may seize upon.
We are offering a course in sales-and-client-communication by phone for
your sales assistants which we are already providing for a logistic company.

Jarni-vernisaz 28. 3. 2018

We Love Arts

This time we organised a spring exhibition, displaying new artwork  of the academic painter Táňa Svatošová. The opening evening was accompanied with jazz and swing.

28. 2. 2018

Looking For a Manager? Together We’ll Find Him!

How to best fill a key position like that? The Assessment Centre offers a solution. We have just carried out one such AC for our client in advanced technologies that was seeking a new sales manager. With our expert assistance, our client’s chances to pick the best candidate available are vastly improved.

13. 2. 2018

A Different Way of Coaching Managers

We have just launched a new cooperation with the management of a pharmaceuticals company. Our consultant Hanka ( is working on their psychodiagnostics. Based on its results, she will follow up with individual consultations and managers’ coaching.

30. 1. 2018

Even Sales Personnel Needs to Relax

Long-term clients of Tres consulting include a logistics company; for which we have recently prepared a relaxation techniques training. Their sales people were delighted, giving the course the best possible marks. One participant even wrote: “I have never given an evaluation this high to any course I have ever attended.“
Naturally, we are very happy for such a success and thank the participants for their kind words. However, we also see it as an interesting signal. The sales personnel wants to learn more than just sell, even to relax

foto vernisáž 5. 12. 2017

Tres and Arts

We are helping artists succeed too, not only HR specialists, managers or sales personnel. We have just launched our second art exhibition – this time displaying expressionist paintings of Eva Myslivcová. We are always looking for humorous and original connections between the art we show and Human Resources topics. Vráťa Simon accompanied the launch with his excellent swing, jazz and blues melodies on his guitar.

The paintings will underline atmosphere at our “home” courses until spring, when they will be replaced with… Tune in next time. But believe us there is a lot to look forward to.

16. 10. 2017

Looking For Reinforcements

We are expanding our consultant team to include another junior – a 2nd year
Psychology major. More information (in Czech) in this link.

8. 8. 2017

Are You Considering Mentoring?

We can help you train and prepare mentors for their new role. During spring and summer we have carried out a number of seminars for mentors in  IT as well as in sales.

23. 7. 2017

How to Conduct an Assessment Interview

Have assessment interviews become a formality? We can help you “refresh” or introduce them in such a way that they would work as an efficient motivation tool. We have just completed such a project for a new client active in leasing.

27. 6. 2017

Are Your Key Managers Overloaded?

We can help with excessive workload using training, coaching, time management methods or simply by listening. We are currently working with a top manager
of one of our clients who plays a key role in his employer’s vitally important project.

5. 6. 2017

Art Exhibition and Tones of Shakuhachi

Last week we opened an exhibition of Petr Vápeník at our new premises in Šlejnická with our clients and friends. The opening was plied with good food
and wine and accompanied by melodies of Japanese flute shakuhachi, as played by our IT expert Petr Ogurek.

23. 5. 2017

Even Experienced Salespersons May Improve – How?

Experienced salespersons believe they are perfect and know everything. Yes, they know a lot. But Development Centres will help identify their strengths and weaknesses, at the same time convincing sales personnel they do need to further develop. At the moment we are carrying out an individualised course, tailor-made to fit goals of our client.

4. 5. 2017

Do You Think Your Management Could Manage Better, Too?

Our new client, active in manufacturing, ordered a tailor-made course for their managers. To be continued in summer…
And how about Your management?

29. 3. 2017

Clients Appreciate Our Courses For Their Usefulness

We are carrying out a course for managers of a health care company. These managers, top specialists in their fields, are getting inspiration, guidance and training for the role of a superior.

15. 3. 2017

We Are Helping to Implement a Mentoring Programme

In intensive cooperation with our new client we are implementing a mentoring programme. All the mentors have passed our Development Centres and feedback. Currently, training is starting on the topics discovered during the DC, which fully respects individual needs of its participants.

3. 3. 2017

We Are Uniting Teams

For our IT client we are running a project to support good mood in a team and stabilise employees using the circular team intervention method, which merges principles and techniques that have proven useful in the past to improve team relations.

12. 1. 2017

Training the Health Care Management

We have prepared a training series for line management of our long-term client. In the coming months we will focus our efforts on improving their managerial skills, project management and conducting assessment interviews.

21. 12. 2016

Our Original “HR in a ZOO” Is Popular Even During Winter Months!

This time as a teambuilding and atypically in December; for a closed group provided by our FMCG client (more about the project here – Czech only)

9. 12. 2016

Researching “Company Happiness”

We have been carrying out a survey for a new client from the automotive
industry focused on “employee engagement” (more about employee engagement
under our auspices here – Czech only).

28. 11. 2016

Support for Departing Employees

12 years in a row we have been providing outplacement for our client
engaged in banking. We offer individual consultations as well as
group courses anywhere in the Czech Republic.

18. 11. 2016

Helping You Set Up HR Processes

For our long-term client we have been preparing a career planning and employee stabilisation project.

24. 10. 2016

Learning Is Better When You Have a Concept And an Aim

We are currently launching another long-term education/training project, this time for a logistics client. At the moment Development Centres are taking place, to be followed by individualised development plans and tailor-made courses.

20. 6. 2016

New Premises Since Autumn!

We are upwardly mobile; when the summer is over, we will be waiting
for you in our newly renovated offices overlooking Prague, near
the underground station Dejvická.

1. 6. 2016

8-5-3 Premium Pro – For Demanding Clients

For two our IT clients we are carrying out a complex development programme,
focusing on detailed diagnostics of education needs using the DC, tailor-made
training and support for the implementation of learned tools in real life. You can
learn more about this approach here. (Czech only)

12. 5. 2016

We Are a Reliable Guide When Setting Up Personnel Processes

We have produced a new, tailor-made methodology for employee
knowledge development  for a new client, which includes its
key principles, different kinds of training projects,
ways of implementation, arguments for internal marketing of the programme
and evidence methods for both the process and evaluation of KD.

30. 4. 2016

We Help You Set Up HR Processes at a Highly Professional Level

For a state institution, we are creating education methodology. And- as always with Tres- tailor-made to fit!

19. 4. 2016

Continuing Cooperation With Municipalities

We are again assisting with the selection of headmaster. Municipalities
appreciate that we help the candidates show their qualities in full – their
managerial and communication skills, time management and as well as
their approach to the post of a headmaster.

12. 4. 2016

“Introduction to Intercultural Perception” Course – NEWLY ACCREDITED

Thanks to our specialist on intercultural communication, we can flexibly
react to the hottest contemporary issues.
We have just received accreditation for this course from the Ministry of
Labour and the Ministry of Education.

28. 3. 2016

Tres consulting – Your Guaranteed Partner for Outplacement

For a new telecommunication client we have successfully completed consultations in outplacement. The client especially appreciated our profesionalism and good result (we can provide a reference upon request).

15. 3. 2016

Triangulation Ever More Popular!

The course about our original method of Triangulation became our most popular open course. We have developed this method for experienced recruiters, combining selection components with  elements of Assessment Centre, expert observation and advanced questioning techniques. After its success we are working on several iterations as closed courses for our clients.

1. 3. 2016

We Pay Attention To Finishing Our Projects

Our extensive project about Employee Engagement, with more than 2 dozen participating Czech companies, successfully continues. In this stage we check how the companies succeed with implementing the output from surveys and workshops.
This activity is key for improving Engagement. We know the pitfalls of change and help our clients handle them.

15. 2. 2016

Our Book Is Getting Closer to Publication!

Publishing house Grada is finalising the last edits of our book on
diagnostics in HR.

18. 1. 2016

Our Clients Profit From Long-term Cooperation with Us

We appreciate our long-term clients. As professionals in the field of
strategic personal projects we know the benefits of systematic education.
We are glad that our clients are aware of these benefits.
Recently we have carried out coaching and training of presentation
skills for our long-term clients in insurance and financial services.

5. 1. 2016

New Client In Gastronomy

It is old news that we count among our clients leaders in insurance and financial services. This time we have succesfully struck in altogether
different direction and carried out managerial coaching for a client
in gastronomy.

17. 12. 2015

We Offer Individual Care

We have recently carried out several intensive individual coachings for our clients; on-the-spot training and specialist consultations were also included as necessary.

12. 12. 2015

Open Courses for Spring

Unlocking Your Creative Subconscious – NEW! – for those who wish to widen their awareness and fulfill their potential to the fullest.
(date: February 24th, 2015)

Whoo Is Coming In?
(date: April 7th, 2015)

Feedback – come and try giving feedback which improves both mood and performance of a team.
(date: March 17th, 2015)

A piece of Paul`s mind – NEW! – for those who want to improve their lector skills and make sure everyone remembers from the course all they want participants to remember.
(date: March 19th, 2015)

6. 11. 2015

We have succesfully completed standards for Employee Engagement

In cooperation with the Prague City Hall we have mapped company happiness among employees of over two dozen companies. You can read more about it in the article our colleague David Hanuš wrote for the magazine Manažerské dovednosti (Managerial Skills; in Czech)

9. 9. 2015

We are looking for students of Psychology major

We are looking for students of Psychology major, 2nd  year, as assessors for AC/DC, sparring-partners for coaching, etc. Please, send your CV to  (more information HERE in Czech only)

5. 8. 2015

Team Reinforcements

Veronika is joining our consultant team. We trust she will be a bonus for You
and hope she will like it here.

4. 6. 2015

Developing Cooperation with Universities

In collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Management
of the Czech University of Life Sciences we are mapping *employee
happiness,* which greatly influences company productivity,
employee fluctuation and sickness absence.

4. 6. 2015

Responses From Our Open Courses

Participants of our Feedback Course say: „It is a profesionally led course,
helpful for real life….“, „I realised what I can improve….“,
„A very well made seminar, not a single boring moment…“.

6. 5. 2015

Managing HR 70 years ago

Our colleagues Hanka and Honza assumed the mantle of detectives and travelled to discover the beginnings of HR in the Czech Republic (v Čechách??). They sifted through the archives (??archy) of Bata Shoe Company in Zlín and you can read the most interesting tidbits in their article Visiting Bata: The Beginnings of HR in Czechia (Na návštěvě u Bati aneb počátky AC v Čechách.)

9. 4. 2015

Three musketeers: Typology, Motivation and Team Leadership


Personalists already have been provided with innovative courses, now Tres Consulting offers an original course for managers. Come to see your team with new eyes – like romantic heroes. Let your subordinates discover their musketeer self. We will show you how to approach each of them according to the typology of four musketeers. The course lector Jan Gruber has plenty to offer (18 years of experience, 8000 satisfied participants) and the soul af a true romantic hero (he rides a horse, fences and shoots a bow).

9. 4. 2015

We are offering more open courses for May/June

Three Musketeers- NEW!
Typology, motivation and team leadership.
Learn to see your team with new eyes; like romantic heroes, ready and willing to sacrifice everything to succeed.
: May 12,. 2015

Tell what you think, to get what you want.
Provided the right way, feedback will improve atmosphere as well as performance of your team.
Date: May 19, 2015

Self-Motivation- NEW!
How to live and work and enjoy it?
Inspiration and practical guidance which will help you achieve better results.
Date: May 28, 2015

HR in a ZOO
After a visit to the ZOO with us you will see people at the workplace from different perspective. You will perceive their behaviour and manners like never before.
A very popular course for both personalists and managers alike.
Date: June 9, 2015

7. 4. 2015

We are looking for students of Psychology major

We are looking for students of Psychology major, 2nd and 3rd year, as assessors for AC/DC, sparring-partners for coaching, etc. Please, send your CV to before April 22, 2015 (more information HERE in Czech only??)

3. 2. 2015

What Our Participants Say

For a specialist manufacturing team we have carried out a 2-day course which combined training in handling difficult situations and working with stress. As our participants say:

“All you learn here can be used in everyday life.”

“Enjoy the course and watch and listen and learn”

“Don`t worry and be happy. Results will come.”

22. 1. 2015

Specialising On Health Care Teams

For the fifth year in a row we are lecturing teams from health care institutions. This time we are offering a course on handling difficult situations for receptionists. Satisfied smiles of the participants are our best reference! photo 1, photo 2.

27. 12. 2014

Evaluation Interviews for Managers

We are currently teaching health care managers how to prepare and implement evaluation interviews.

27. 12. 2014

50 DCs in Two Months

During March and April we carried out a number of Development Centres for sales managers of our client in the insurance industry. The project was successfully concluded last week to the satisfaction of our client.

25. 12. 2014

Open Courses for Autumn

In September we offer these two open courses for You:

Unlocking Your Creative Subconscious – NEW! – for those who wish to widen their awareness and fulfill their potential to the fullest.
(date: September 23rd, 2014)

HR in a ZOO – You are cordially invited to train Your observation and assessment skills as well as improve Your understanding of human nature.
(date: September 30th, 2014)

25. 12. 2014

Open Courses for November

In November we are looking forward to these open courses for You:

Outplacement – if You want to handle layoffs as a professional and keep Your mental health intact.
(date: November 11th, 2014)

How To Strategically Motivate Employees – if You seek to understand individual motivational preferences of Your team members and familiarize Yourself with tools to motivate them better and improve their performance.
(date: November 25th, 2014)

Triangulation – if You are looking for a new method to use in Your job interviews, which will provide additional information and improve chances of finding the right candidate.
(date: November 27th, 2014)

25. 12. 2014

Making Internal AC/DC For You

We have created new Internal AC/DC techniques for our long-term
financial client, updating methodology we had previously introduced
for them. The new techniques work well and to the satisfaction of our client.

Displeased secretary standing outside the office with her personal things 23. 12. 2014

Outplacement (course for personalists)

To learn how to carry out an outplacement project – how to start, how to put it together, what to include and avoid. To manage difficult situations, e.g. communicating layoffs, informing a specific person. To select people to be laid off and learn how a personalist should handle the situation.

E-mail us at or call + 420 732 159 734.

More information in Czech (PDF)

23. 12. 2014

HR in a ZOO

Our new course HR in a ZOO was so popular that we had to repeat it twice.

21. 12. 2014

We Help You Become Better Assessors

We have carried out courses in assessor and moderator skills for our long-term
client from the financial sector to enable their internal Development Centres.

interni-klient 20. 12. 2014

Solving Difficult Situations

Aim: To help participants negotiate with people they find difficult to deal with; to learn to initiate and structure a dialogue speaking as an expert; to define which approaches work and which don’t; to develop skills of listening, initiating and leading a dialogue; to better argue; to learn specification of personality types difficult to negotiate with and how to prepare individual scenarios which smoothen these negotiations.

E-mail us at or call + 420 732 159 734.

More information in Czech (PDF)

18. 12. 2014

Providing Creative Approach For Your Development

We have carried out an unconventional workshop for internal trainers of our banking client, using metaphor analysis to solve their problems.

7. 12. 2014

Newly Offering an Expert on “Company Happiness”

Since September we cooperate with an expert on “Employee engagement
Michal Slavíček, one of the few consultants in the Czech Republic, who have
passed GALLUP training and received a certificate Engagement Master

5. 12. 2014

With Us, You Can Be Sure You Chose Right

We have carried out an AC for the position of sales manager for our Slovak client in retail.

4. 12. 2014

We Work Hard To Improve Relations at Your Workplace

During autumn we have carried out Circular team intervention for two of our clients, aiming to improve relations, clear out air and solve conflicts.

businessman 3. 12. 2014

Who Is Coming In?

Would You like to improve efficiency of Your assessment? Find the best person for the job? Learn to set selection criteria effectively and avoid common asssessor mistakes? Then come!

You can apply via e-mail at or by phone at no. + 420 732 159 734.

More information in Czech (PDF)

presentation 3. 12. 2014

A piece of Paul's mind

A piece of Paul`s mind is an intensive seminar about lector skills. The programme includes working with a group and attention of participants, methods of training and ways of making them interested. And above all, tools to make sure they remember from the course that what you need most. Paul is a pro, he can handle that. You can come for a piece of Paul`s mind (and know-how) too!

You can apply via e-mail at or by phone at no. + 420 732 159 734.

More information in Czech (PDF)