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PhDr. Jan Gruber, Ph.D.

Jan Gruber

Supervisor of Coaching and Seminars

Honza comes up with original ideas, often creating new techniques and devising interesting methods, easily grasped and understood by others, which translate well into practice. He provides methodical support for course creation and reacts fast to a new situation during a course, helping the group achieve a set goal.

He has spent many years fencing, horse-riding and practising archery. He follows new developments in science and the world around us, he likes animals and jokes about them.

Honza has twenty years of experience and nearly two thousand hours of specialised training. His many fans among managers listen to his opinion. He combines humility and occasional pride.

Hana Kyrianová, M.A.

Hana Kyrianová

Supervisor of AC/DC Methodology and Personnel Processes

Hanka is an expert in personal processes, having worked for twelve years in large companies with thousands of employees. She is well-acquainted with psychodiagnostics as a tool for selecting and developing employees. She is swift, decisive, energetic, preferred by clients who appreciate high performance, orientation on goal and efficiency. She excels in individual coaching.

She plays badminton, practises yoga and fitness, likes good wine and good cooking, being a good cook herself.

Hanka fully understands processes within a company, knows how to manage change both on personal and interpersonal level. She can reach an understanding with demanding clients and help them make the most of our assistance.

PhDr. Alexandra Fonville, Ph.D.

From the 8th of April 2015 maternity leave.

Alexandra Fonville

Supervisor of Development Programmes And Foreign-Language Projects

Saša started her professional career in research, where she learned to be precise, systematic and thorough. She excels when working with specialist teams which demand highly professional approach. She likes working with experts in the field, as well as people who are just starting there.
She lectures managerial skills at MBA programmes. Students say she is firm but fair.

Saša married an American, likes cats and flowers, enjoys travelling and meeting other cultures.

In the ten years of her work she did diagnostics for more than 3000 people, lectored hundreds of course participants. She can give them whatever they need to take.

Mgr. et Bc. Vratislav Simon



Vráťa most often works as an AC/DC assessor, lector and sparring partner. Course participants enjoy his sense of humour, clients appreciate accurate feedback from a training or diagnostics.

He is a man of many talents, has a flair for music and plays the guitar in a jazzrock band. At company meetings he accompanies our singing.

Since our cooperation began in 2011, Vráťa has successfully participated in dozens of our projects.

Ing. Michal Slavíček


Supervisor of Employee Engagement Project

Michal dreamt about becoming a garbage collector but changed his mind at the behest of his family, focusing on company economics and HR.
Having finished university he worked at various HR positions in IT, retail, manufacturing and financial services. He led and participated in various projects of change at local as well as global scale. He puts not only his brain but also his heart into his work which clients feel and like. He wants to know „Why?“ not just „How and Where.“

Apart from his wife, children, guitar, mountain cottage… (and essentially everything else around us) he eventually learned to love himself as well and to appreciate weaknesses we were given. When he drinks wine, his teeth suffer but his singing significantly improves :-).

A few years ago he rearranged his priorities and worldview. Since then he welcomes every change and obstacle as an opportunity to learn and grow and helps others see it that way as well. In the company environment he knows how to combine company goals with development and satisfaction of people who are to achieve them.

Michal also specializes in HR mentoring.

Doc. PhDr. Luděk Kolman, CSc.


Supervisor of the Intercultural Receptiveness Project

Luděk has been working with attendees for many years and often comes up with new ideas how to simplify learning communication skills.

He has been engaged for many years in the field of training in efficient communication, neurolinguistic programming and intercultural communication. Neurolinguistic programming is akin to a verbal karate. Luděk used to do the real karate as well, back when he was much younger.

Luděk likes to read and to write as well. He has published lots of scientific articles, one of them (on measuring the characteristics of Central European cultures) for the Journal of Managerial Psychology. Besides that he also likes long walks in the coutryside or riding his bicycle.

Milan Mráz


Sales Personnel Coach

Milan is an experienced lector and a staunch advocate of the „mustang route“, i.e. starting at the lowest rung of company hierarchy and gradually moving upward. He started behind a counter at Kodak Express, went on to several position as sales representative, followed by lower sales management, upper sales management, eventually becoming a coach of the sales personnel.

Milan has two principal hobbies, photography and dancing. Notably the Argentinian tango is a challenge for him as well as a tool for self-expression.

He has 23 years of experience ins sales. Although he is mostly coaching nowadays, he is still active in sales too and regularly  braves the perils of sales negotiations. He has over one thousand successful deals and orders under his belt and has developed over five thousand sales people at various seminars and in the field.

Jaroslava Staňková



Jarka has worked as an HR manager for twelve years and has plenty of experience with anything that can happen in a company, from the HR and managerial angle.

Clients will appreciate that she is empathic, takes a personal approach, knows the environment as well as labour laws and most of all – that she is practical.

She used to travel to mountains and wild rivers, nowadays spends time with her family, including an all-too-friendly dog and a tomcat. She is glad she has an optimistic approach to life and tries to greet anything new with an open mind.

Rick Hau


Consultant (English native speaker)

Rick has a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Computer Information Systems. Before relocating to Prague in 2008 to teach English, he worked as a customer service representative, web designer, technical support, and sales manager. Thanks to his various job experiences, he is adept at training a wide range of English courses: business, general, and whatever the students want.

His students are mostly adult professionals, so he also teaches them soft skills including negotiating, presenting, telephoning, meeting, writing, and socializing. While his students appreciate his flexibility, creativity, and patience, he appreciates that many of his students have become his friends.

When he is not working, he is usually doing sports, such as teaching tennis and playing badminton. He also enjoys cooking and hosting dinner parties with his wife.


Bc. Veronika Jirásková



Veronika works with us as a sparring-partner when training communication and managerial skills. She is reliable, sparkles with ideas and puts forward original solutions.

Her interests include the guitar, reading books and learning languages, recently especially Spanish. She likes to start her day running.