date: May 15th, 2018

Feedback originally meant “that weird squeal you hear when putting together a microphone and a loudspeaker.“ In social context it means “I will tell you what you did wrong, how to go on, where to stop and where to give more.” The trick is saying that without the other side getting angry, shutting off. They should listen, keep what works and change what doesn’t. You need to be comprehensible, forthright and at the same time keep everyone interested and motivovated for work.

It can be developed, worked on, trained – and that is exactly what we will be doing in this course. A well-provided feedback can improve mood and performance of a team. This feedback works quite unlike a microphone-loudspeaker combo – it is harmonic and does not squeal.

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HR in a ZOO

date: June 5th, 2018
date: September 19th, 2018

Human and animal behaviour have a lot more in common than You would expect. Come with us to the ZOO and You will perceive people at the workplace differently. You will understand their actions and behaviour like never before.
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Unlocking Your Creative Subconscious

date: October 24th, 2018

Our mind is in no way limited to what we are aware of and what we can wittingly influence. Our behaviour, our body and our abilities are run by systems not accessible to our consciousness – but they can give us motivation, composure and inner strength.

There are other ways than just rational thinking to approach a problem. This course will help you handle both common and extreme situations with greater calm and poise.

We offer you an interesting concept which will teach you to work with your subconscious, which will help you both at work and in your private life. Do come!

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Using a Triangulation Method At Job Interviews

date: October 25th, 2018

To obtain an overall framework for methods used when conducting a job interview, to improve in candidate assessment, to learn how to ask better questions and better interpret answers.

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Handling Problematic Personalities

Do you ever get the feeling some people are just impossible to please? Communication is not working? Every conversation is full of emotion, anxiety, aggression and/or suspicion?

Then come and we will help you to better handle communication with difficult and demanding colleagues.

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ECTET – Efficient Communication Through Easy Techniques

Does your job revolve around software and hardware? And what about your internal and external clients, do you understand them? Do they understand you? Do you occasionally get the feeling that the communication could have gone better?

Then come. We can offer you several easy-to-use, fast-to-learn techniques that will let you efficiently communicate, get along with clients and spare your nerves (and everyone else`s too).

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Three musketeers: Typology, Motivation and Team Leadership


Learn to see your team with new eyes – like romantic heroes, ready and willing to sacrifice everything to succeed.

Find the right words to awaken a brave Athos, generous Porthos, gentle Aramis or fierce and passionate D`Artagnan in everyone of us. Make us accept a challenge and defeat it.

Let your subordinates experience action, heroism and joy of success, let them discover their musketeer self. Management, Leadership, motivation and personality typology according to the musketeer tale.

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Dealing With Emotions At Work

Date: May 23rd 2017

Did it ever happen to you that inappropriate venting of emotions complicated your carreer? Do your feelings get in the way when dealing with a customer, an internal client, a colleage in a team, a subordinate or your boss? Would you like to learn how to deal with it better?

Then come and we will introduce you to approaches that lead to success through agreement and appropriate self-assertion. 

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Self – Motivation

Every manager knows how motivation of employeees influences performance and success of the company. How to help motivate subordinates without breathing down their necks all the time? Show them the road to SELF-motivation, help them assume responsiblity for their work satisfaction and success!

Course participants will receive both inspiration and practical guidance, they will figure out why everyone is the boss of their motivation, how to make work enjoyable. They will learn how to recharge their batteries and how to slow down their discharge. They will find out how to enjoy obstacles and use them to succeed… and many other things that can influence their happiness.

Send your employees to our course or come with them!

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Through the Eyes of the Boss: How To approach Employee Engagement and How (Not) To Guide Employee Happiness

date: October 9th, 2017

Do you want to keep good employees, be a trustworthy partner to them, let them work for you at full speed and feel good about it?

We are not going to preach nor will we say it cannot be done. We want to share experience about what works for us, ask about your needs and experience, have a look at Engagement through the eyes of an employee, a company manager and an HR specialist and show how to harmonize all views so that Engagement truly works.

Come and we will help you find out what works and how to make it work for you too.

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Portrait of business people discussing a new strategy at a seminar

How To Strategically Motivate Employees

People are different. There is no universal approach to everyone.
Want to know what makes Your people tick, find out their motivational
preferences? We will acquaint You with evaluation tools that enable You to effectively
direct their performance. You can learn how to make job interviews, how to give feedback, how to motivate people in Your team.
Are You interested? Then come!

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